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Storage, cargo handling and transport of goods are covered by both national and international regulations, which set out minimum requirements for treatment of goods, vehicle use etc. Public regulatory guidelines are supplemented by private agreements and terms and conditions of business. Careful packaging and marking of goods for dispatch should be accompanied by proper packing, stowing, securing and unpacking. When carrying hazardous materials, additional provisions must be taken into account with regard to packaging, labeling, documentation etc.

A high percentage of goods are intended for carriage by combined road, rail, water and air transport, whether through repeated transshipment or intermodally using containers, swap-bodies or other transport units. Packaging, labeling, stowage and securing deficiencies can generally only be established during dispatch by spot checks. Since minor carelessness may cause serious losses, expert packing and securing are essential for loss-free carriage.

We at Total Shipping provide guidelines for the packing of cargoes, into or onto cargo transport units (CTUs) applicable to transport operations by all surface and water modes of transport.
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