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Founder – Emeritus Director
“The World is Shrinking and Growing”

Today, the times have changed and - time has come on par with speed. One can cross continents in less than a day. There are fewer borders today as cross-cultural barriers are falling fast or getting scaled more easily. Infrastructure has caused change upheavals of a nature not seen for many centuries. The world is producing and consuming more of everything and growth is omnipresent.

As an organisation, we set out to create a firm that solved real problems in the real-world transportation scenario. We hope to be different from all the other firms that have set similar goals. We have thus set our vision and some ground rules to achieve these goals and we try hard every day to stick to these principles, so that we can serve you better. In everything that we do and in the many ways that we undertake to reach out to the customer, we strive to be your trusted, preferred and long-term partners.

R. P. Gupta
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